Product design as a brand message

Design has become an important element of the brand message – and not only for consumer goods. If you need castors for your product portfolio that guarantee a uniformed appearance for all sizes and functional variants, then we are the right partner for you. We provide you with systematically designed product families, whose castors are characterised by a consistent design and reinforce your uniformed brand image. Our product families open up great potential for differentiation by offering a wide range of functional and visual design options for individualisation and configuration.

At the same time, they are distinguished by their high integration quality and are recommended for a wide variety of applications. As a consistent technical and design element, they ensure a homogeneous look for your entire product portfolio and enhance the recognition and image of your brand. This is because the outstanding and evident quality and the high practical value of our premium products make a positive contribution to the brand experience.

The design of our castors conveys valuable associations – from high quality, durability and innovation through to exemplary precision and user-friendliness. In this way, we provide you with ground-breaking mobility solutions that also support a successful brand and product strategy – shaping the design, improving performance and enhancing value.

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