Material science for heavy tasks

Polyurethane solutions that meet extreme requirements are needed for exacting heavy-duty applications. Particularly with regard to loading, durability and speed. Polyurethanes of standard quality are not sufficient here.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are in a position to produce suitable high-performance materials. Material mixtures with properties that far exceed the average requirements and which are precisely adapted to the specific requirements of your application. The critical process parameters are the mixing ratio of the individual components, the sequence of the casting process and the regulation of the temperature at which the components are processed. By carefully selecting the raw materials and combining them with certain additives, we obtain purposefully attuned products. From antistatic solutions and hydrolysis-resistant variants through to load and speed-optimised wheels and adjusted shore hardness values.

On request, we can also provide you with products made of our Ultratech high-performance polyurethane – if you need an individual solution for driverless transport systems, for example, or for comparable special applications in the heavy-duty sector.

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