Parts tracking as an advantage

Being able to trace parts offers numerous advantages: It ensures excellent production transparency, simplifies reordering and repair processes and reduces operating costs.

On request, we can label your products with an individual Data Matrix Code (DMX) containing all of the relevant information required. If problems should arise, it is then possible to determine exactly which model year is affected and which products need to be replaced. This allows a targeted recall action to be initiated.

Another advantage of traceability is the stored data relating to the production process. This allows a scanner to automatically identify the production order, order number and production quantity of the part in question. The digital process improves transparency, simplifies subsequent identification and allocation and facilitates uncomplicated data acquisition and processing.

Traceability also makes it easier to re-order spare parts or parts needed for repairs. The product codes can also provide information about the materials used, the components and the specific characteristics of the product. What is the hardness of the tread? Is the castor conductive? And how is the spring force adjusted? This enables us to supply you quickly and easily with exactly the right castor with identical properties.

If you also wish to implement solutions for parts tracking, we will be able to equip your products accordingly.

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