Simply faster: Electronic data exchange

When it comes to cooperation with customers, qualitative improvements are the focus for our entire company. A premise that therefore applies not only to the development of mobility solutions, but also to the design and implementation of the accompanying commercial and logistical processes.

For us, automated processes represent a way of ensuring the secure, reliable and fast transfer of information, data and documents, which generates significant added value for you. In addition to providing common electronic formats and standards for data exchange (Electronic Data Interchange – EDI), we can also adapt the electronic connection to suit your specific, individual requirements. The advantages are obvious: A reduction in effort and process costs thanks to accelerated processing and less data management work. This efficiency also has a beneficial effect on resources, time and costs.

Because electronic data exchange not only improves process reliability, but also makes it possible to implement demand-oriented supply and thus reduce storage and logistics costs. The environment also benefits from this method – after all, EDI generates significantly fewer paper documents. Contact us – together we can create the best conditions for your automated and efficient procurement logistics.

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