Ergonomics as a key factor: productive and healthy

Ergonomic design is aimed at ensuring easy and simple handling of aids, tools and controls. The comfort and ease with which handles, levers, pedals and switches can be operated is therefore an important aspect of our product development. In addition to the design of the operating elements, their spatial location is also of ergonomic relevance. The right position guarantees easy accessibility and use. With individual adjustments, the requirements for each application can be perfectly met.

This also applies to making functions quickly recognisable, for example, using colour coordinated switching levers. The mechanical and design quality of our products is crucial in ensuring easy and energy-saving operation. For example, when a small actuating force uses a correspondingly small amount of energy and significantly relieve the strain on the user. Both are good for the result: More productive work processes and significantly reduced sickness rates. With our E-Drive flex, for the motorisation of transport equipment for heavy loads, we have combined all these aspects into an intelligent mobility solution.

From applications in intralogistics through to the nursing and health care sector, this system reduces the burden on employees who are at risk of musculoskeletal disorders and reduces the costs resulting from inability to work by up to 30 percent. A contribution to occupational health management that pays dividends. We help you to identify your specific potential benefits – and, with a wide range of solutions, assist you in improving user-friendliness and safety at the workplace in the long term.

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