TENTE is proud to announce the acquisition of Darcor Limited, a major castor and wheel company based in Ontario, Canada and managed by our TENTE subsidiary in the United States.

People and cultural fit

At the heart of both companies is a commitment to customer satisfaction that allows for a seamless cultural fit. Our shared values emphasise innovation and the delivery of high quality products and ensure that our strategic visions are closely aligned. Our employees' commitment to the success of our companies has been instrumental in growing and shaping our shared future.

Customers and products

This acquisition further expands the current product portfolios of both companies and reinforces our joint strategy to be recognised leaders in the castor and wheel mobility industry. By joining forces, we are better positioned to meet the diverse needs of our customers, including TENTE's specialised vertical market experts. In addition, this transaction offers both companies the opportunity to further develop their technical expertise and operational capabilities, ensuring continuity and growth for generations to come.

Operational excellence

Our TENTE subsidiary in the United States has made significant investments in manufacturing and assembly automation, providing Darcor with invaluable resources. By leveraging TENTE's productivity and technology advancements, we anticipate increased operational efficiencies and improved product quality across our expanded portfolio. Both companies offer unique wheel materials, fixtures and machinery, and castor assemblies suitable for a variety of industries, enhancing our ability to provide cross-platform solutions around the world.

Ben Mulling, CEO of TENTE North America, stated, "We have always been very impressed with the outstanding reputation and performance of Darcor Limited and its brand in our various application fields in North America. TENTE is a privately held, family-owned company and has been for most of our 100-year history. As Darcor has a very similar heritage, value proposition and market outlook, we believe your company would be an excellent partner and continue to build on the heritage of both our organisations in the years to come.”

As we embark on this exciting chapter of expansion, we remain committed to our goal of delivering unrivalled value to our customers and forging lasting partnerships. Together, we will continue to innovate and lead the way when it comes to providing cutting-edge mobility solutions across borders.

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