Improve visibility and orientation with coloured castors and wheels

We all have experienced misplacing something and not being able to find it right away, or even mixed up objects. In our everyday lives, this is annoying, but it usually does not involve serious consequences. But what about sensitive areas such as hospitals, medical practices, care facilities or areas where people work with dangerous machines? Here, misplacement can have serious consequences for people and searching for important equipment can cost valuable time. But there is a simple solution for a faster allocation of items: colour coding for castors and wheels.

The solution: orientation by using coloured castors and wheels

We often think of colours in terms of design or aesthetics, but colours have a much wider meaning and significance. The use of colours in product design also serves to improve safety, orientation or to organise working areas: With colour markings and area-specific printing of castors and wheels, objects can be divided into groups or they can indicate their function.

This can be your own corporate design for better identification or the function of the equipment. Such colour coding saves time, as the colour already indicates the respective function. In an emergency, this can be life-saving for patients.

Our solutions for you

For almost all of our castors and wheels, we are able to create colours according to your individual requirements. We have extensive expertise in this area. Our in-depth know-how and our technical infrastructure enable us to produce colour designs according to your specifications or your corporate design.

However, we can also go one step further. We offer coloured designs for increased usability according to the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which has been binding since 26/05/21. The aim here is to avoid application errors in order to provide life-saving protection. We do our part with coloured wheels and castors.

TENTE colour coding

TENTE offers the possibility to colour coat castors according to your wishes. This colour coding is already used by customers in hospitals today:

  • Yellow colouring can help to identify MR-suitable and non-MR-suitable equipment easier.
  • Blue dome caps indicate washability.
  • Green markings on the dome cap indicate directional locking.
  • Red markings on the lock indicate total locking.

Optionally, you can also have red markings applied to your castors to indicate the locked or unlocked position of a castor.

Your benefits with coloured castors and wheels from TENTE

  • Better orientation.
  • Improved efficiency of work processes.
  • Increased safety in the working environment.
  • More usability when using the application.
  • Less operator use errors according to MDR.

Now it is your turn

If you are looking for castors to match your application and provide better orientation, please contact one of our experts. To do so, simply follow the few steps in the contact form and our expert will be happy to get in touch with you.

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How do we produce coloured castors and wheels?

The first step is to photometrically measure your desired colour shade and analyse it with special measuring instruments. Based on this data and under consideration of all decisive process parameters, we create the exact colour recipe for your castors and wheels. The result will then be compared with your desired colour shade in the laboratory and finally verified. If the colour meets your specifications perfectly, it is saved as a reference sample with the corresponding process data in our customer library. This enables us to recall your colour shade at any time and to generate it again for your castors and wheels.

Why should castors and wheels be coloured?

Coloured castors and wheels provide better orientation. Colour coding in sensitive areas such as care facilities is of enormous relevance for the quick allocation of individual areas and protective measures. It also helps to identify misplaced work equipment and to return it to the correct area.

What is the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR)?

The new EU Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) has been mandatory since 26/05/21. MDR determines how medical devices and accessories are introduced to the market, how they are made available and how they should be used. This new regulation applies to medical devices intended for use on patients. The overall aim of this new regulation is to ensure the safety of patients.

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