The importance of central locking for medical castors

Working in a care and hospital environment can be very demanding. Medical equipment like hospital beds need to be constantly stopped, pushed and continuously locked and unlocked. Some locking devices on castors even require the staff to search with their foot for the lever to activate locking. Most of the time two to four castors have to be locked one after the other. This takes up an enormous amount of time and reduces efficiency. The loss of time quickly leads to increased stress in order to make up for lost time. Increased stress, in turn, can quickly lead to careless mistakes in which, for example, castors that still need to be locked are overlooked or forgotten. This can lead to a strong risk factor for the nursing staff and the patients.

Reduced staff burden due to central locking

At TENTE, we offer a wide range of solutions that can make the job for hospital staff easier and safer with our award-winning central locking.

We know central locking is crucial for hospital staff as it allows them to safely and efficiently lock and unlock hospital beds and other medical trolleys with ease. It also provides a level of stability and security for patients, ensuring that their hospital beds and other medical equipment will not move unexpectedly. In addition, central locking reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries, ultimately increasing workplace safety.

Our solutions for you

Due to our long experience in the medical market and our great portfolio we can offer you solutions that fit your individual needs for your medical environment. We offer different types of central locking systems in our product portfolio. With our Integral, Integral twin and Linea we offer castors enabling mechanical locking via hexagonal rods. With our Linea safety we provide castors enabling locking via bowden cables. In addition, we offer electric central locking with our Linea e-lock in our product range. If you have any questions or would like to receive samples of these castors and locking systems, please contact us using the contact form below.

Your benefits of central locking with TENTE castors

  • Central locking to relief hospital staff
  • Quiet and easy locking to relief patients
  • Wide castor product range with different options for central locking
  • Mechanical and electrical central locking systems
  • Washable and electric conductive options available

If you are tired of struggling with hospital beds and medical carts that do not feature central locking, then our castors are the perfect solution. You do not have to waste any more time or energy struggling with unfitted devices – upgrade to our castors today and experience the difference for yourself. Contact us via our contact form below to learn more and get started!

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How does central locking work?

Central locking locks several castors together at the same time and in this way effectively safeguards the transport equipment against rolling away or shifting. In contrast to the individual lock, this system is connected to at least two castors and can also be activated directly on all castors.

Which areas need central locking?

This type of locking is useful for all areas of application where equipment has to be continuously moved and parked again. Central locking can be particularly recommended for the hospital sector, as hospital staff has to move hospital beds and medical devices from one area to the next. However, central locking is also highly recommended in the industrial sector, as it can also greatly reduce the ergonomic workload of staff here.

When is central locking recommended?

All in all, central locking is recommended wherever it is necessary to ensure the safe standing of the equipment. At the same time, a quick, easy and reliable actuation process is given.

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