Exceptional designer castors in use and a radiant smile on your face.

Many hospitals are increasingly turning the focus of their
architecture and interior design towards young patients.

The aim is to create a friendly atmosphere for children and their parents. For this reason our customer provita produces colourful infusion stands and equips them with our Smiles castors , which really live up to their name.

The starting point

provita medical gmbh & co. kg from Wermelskirchen in Germany is one of the leading companies in its segment. The company produces innovative products and solutions for a wide range of applications and is regarded worldwide as a trusted original equipment manufacturer in the medical sector. The company's diverse product range includes infusion stands, examination and reading lights, as well as fusion, ceiling and wall rail systems. provita employs over 100 people and has a long tradition going back more than 45 years.

Special design for children

In recent years, hospitals in industrialised nations have done a great deal to make patients' treatment time more pleasant. Bright and spacious entrances and waiting areas, larger rooms, sound insulation and, last but not least, the use of bright, radiant colours to create a pleasing ambience. This development is also shaping the construction of children's hospitals. The architects of the Phoenix Children's Hospital in Arizona, USA, the Akerhus University Hospital in Oslo, and the Children's Hospital in Hamburg Eppendorf have designed their buildings to help promote healing. The interior design of children's wards also needs to focus on the young patients and their parents in order to create a friendly atmosphere. provita meets these requirements with colourful products and relies on castors whose name says it all: Smiles.

Our smart mobility solution

One of the most important tasks of infusion stands is to promote patient mobility. The Smiles play a leading role here. They enable the children to move about freely during an infusion, which has a positive effect on their well-being. The playful design of the castor is also a vital factor.

With their lovable faces of a mouse, a cow, an aeroplane or a bear, they enchant young patients and encourage them to leave their hospital beds. With the collaboration of a designer, we fashioned the castors especially to suit the colourful and lively world of children's rooms. However, the appeal of this child-friendly solution does not lie in the design alone. The castors also have the advantage of meeting the strict hygiene and safety requirements of hospitals,

just like the infusion stands to which they are fixed, the Smiles are very easy to clean. They are available with treads for soft or hard floors and with various mounting options. Furthermore, they guarantee stability on even surfaces and sloping floors and ensure that door and lift thresholds can be crossed effortlessly.

"The Smiles do what their name implies: put a smile on the faces of patients, both young and old alike."

Micha Hilverkus, Managing Partner of provita

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Design that promotes mobility

We produce our Smiles plastic castors in one colour or multi-coloured and supply them lacquered or printed, as required. With their appealing design, the castors not only create a friendly atmosphere in hospitals, but also promote the mobility of young patients. It is the external appearance that makes children love to see the castors in action and motivates them to move around.

Even when the children leave the hospital, our Smiles are happy to put a smile on their faces at home too. Add our castors to desk chairs, toy containers, chests of drawers or even beds to keep their smile going.

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