Halved noise emissions - with the same load-carrying capacity

When a supermarket is supplied using roll containers, it can soon become very noisy, but this is not how it should be.

After all, intense noise is not only an unpleasant disturbance of peace, but above a certain level also impacts health. The logistics specialist GEBHARDT therefore relies on our Syntech wheels. These wheels combined with their high load capacity are significantly quieter than ordinary wheels – ten decibels quieter, to be precise.

The starting point

Developing and producing efficient logistic solutions for trade and industry are the hallmarks of GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions GmbH. The company is successfully managed as a family business in its sixth generation now and can look back on a more than 185-year history steeped in tradition. GEBHARDT employs around 500 people worldwide at five production sites and has established itself as the market leader in warehousing and transport solutions.

Our smart mobility solution

After comprehensive analysis, we combined proven sheet steel castors with modern Syntech wheels for GEBHARDT.

Thanks to these, the noise level of a loaded roll container can be reduced by an impressive ten decibels, which is perceived as halving the volume.

The load carrying capacity, which is identical to that of conventional wheels, remained completely unaffected. The trick behind it: our Syntech is a hybrid wheel. The wheel body and base are made of polyamide, while the core is made of elastic solid rubber.

This allows us to combine the advantages of a hard tread with the strength of a soft wheel. The combination of the two plastics results in optimum damping properties and thus, significantly reduces noise emission.

This also interested the customers of the logistics expert. For example, the whole-sale company Transgourmet mentions the low-noise delivery of goods in its sustainability brochure and highlights it as a special quality. However, our cooperation with GEBHARDT focused not only on running noises.

Due to our holistic view of the logistics challenges and the Syntech wheels, we also scored highly in terms of stability. After all, the specialist for logistic solutions puts its products to the test and simulates real conditions through extensive trials. For example, heavily loaded roll pallets are tested to overcome thresholds and obstacles, such as when forklift trucks bump into them. The wheels also have to withstand cold and heat, dirt and rainwater, as well as show no signs of weakness even in snow. Our Syntech wheels have passed all of these tests.

"For more than 30 years, we have been using TENTE’s professional expertise."

Norbert Götz, Purchasing Manager at GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions GmbH

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Longer durability and reduced costs

The Syntech wheel has a service life more than twice that of hard-filled castors, which are used for an average of only two years. In contrast, the Syntech wheel is often used for up to five years.

This saves costs both in purchasing and maintenance and is another decisive reason why GEBHARDT relies on long-term cooperation with our company.

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