TENTE E-Drive and the Impact on Acco Brands

Impact on Acco Brands

Acco Brands is known, among others, for the Esselte Leitz, Nobo and Rexel brands, which together produce and supply just about everything needed in an office. To this day, distribution is still done by hand and items are even hauled manually from the warehouse. This is not very common considering that a fully loaded roll container can weigh up to 200 kg. That is why Acco Brands chose TENTE's E-Drive solution in 2014.

The inital situation

The Acco Brands site in Sint-Niklaas consists of two adjacent business units, with a total area of 12,000 m², storing around 5,400 Stock Keeping Units (SKU). The warehouse of the distribution centre consists of two adjacent buildings with half a metre difference in height between them. To overcome this, a gradually ascending ramp was constructed between the two buildings.

The challenge

All order picking is still done manually at this site. With a fully loaded roll container potentially weighing upwards of 200 kg, repeatedly pushing and pulling a container up a slope is a real challenge. On top of this, the department is struggling with an increasing ageing workforce and the number of 'young' workers has dropped sharply. The consequences were evident: delays in order picking as well as high absenteeism due to back and muscle injuries. TENTE's E-Drive proved to be the solution.

The solution and results

In 2014, TENTE introduced the E-Drive. This electrically powered 'fifth wheel' could be fitted to Acco Brands' roll containers and is operated via a button on the handle. It allows a container weighing 200 kg (and more) to be moved effortlessly, even up a slope.

Acco Brands tested our E-Drive for user-friendliness and stability. They also wanted to find out whether the device would ultimately affect production and efficiency.

The results were impressive. On the one hand, a considerable increase in efficiency was observed as the slope was no longer an obstacle.

On the other hand, absenteeism decreased significantly as back and joint complaints were reduced to almost zero. In just four years, all roll containers were equipped with an E-Drive. Moreover, a charging station was installed in the warehouse which allows easy battery replacement.

"The results were so evident AND impressive that in just four years, all roll containers were equipped with an E-Drive."

Kris DE WOLF - maintenance supervisor Acco Brands

Mobility survey

For Acco Brands, it is obvious: every roll container that is yet to be built or bought will be equipped with an E-Drive. A thorough analysis of the existing situation allowed us to create a suitable mobility solution for Acco Brands. We can do this for you too!

Request your mobility survey now and work with us to understand how your company can handle the in-house transport of people and goods more quickly, efficiently and healthy. Find out what TENTE can do for your company and make things run smoothly with TENTE's mobility solution.

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